Boiling Harmonies

Boiling Harmonies,” is a combined effort from Tak Theater and Boiling Head Media aiming towards diversity of culture and amalgamation of sound, bringing them to one stage in a series of events. We strive to create a melting pot for multiple artistic mediums, where diverse disciplines intertwine, and where art practitioners from around the world make their unique contributions. We make an effort to inspire and celebrate the eccentric synergies that emerge when diverse artists contribute towards combined creations . We aspire to provide an inclusive environment for musicians, visual artists, performers, and curators from regardless of backgrounds to embark upon an exciting exploration into uncharted creative realms. At Harmonies, you can experiment and innovate, progressing towards creation with individuals who share unconventional passion. Harmonies will be producing live audio and video recordings, and promote documentation for archives and publications. 

The initiative is committed to exploring an imaginative immersive atmosphere in venues. Both performers and the audience will experience immersion simulated by various mediums of sounds, lights and images.

“Boiling Harmonies” extends an exclusive invitation to you, urging you to become a part of our artistic endeavors. Let’s immerse in this collective space together.

Boiling Harmonies

Boiling Harmonies # 1

26th November, 2023 1900hrs onwards Featuring Tember Ensemble, Or Sarafati, Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos & Zoe Bassi
Boiling Harmonies #1 Doors open at 18.30

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