Boiling Harmonies # 1

Pic: Or Sarafati

The first session of Boiling Harmonies on 26th November, 2023 would include an Album release from Tember Ensemble ‘Moers Journey’ & premier from Or Sarafati ‘Future Me’. Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos will present ‘Study in Temporal Counterpoint No. 1’ ending with the tunes from Dj Zoe Bassi. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to be a part of an extraordinary musical experience that transcends boundaries and advocates for change. Let’s unite, raise our voices, and move towards a more peaceful world. Join us in the evening of the Recording Session and Audio/Visual Performance.

Doors : 1830hrs

Start : 1900hrs

Ticket : 20€ (Buy here or at Door)

Im Aufbau Haus am Moritzplatz
Prinzenstrasse 85 F
Eingang über den Prinzenhof
10969 Berlin, direkt am Moritzplatz
Tel: 030- 505 67 -000 / -001

Tember Ensemble 

Tember is a Transcultural Electroacoustic Music Ensemble formed in Berlin to create innovative music with new sound timbre and unique atmospheres using both traditional and contemporary (electroacoustic) music elements and techniques.

 The ensemble is mainly formed by Alireza Ostovar (composition & live-electronics), Valentina Bellanova (Nay/Flute), Kioomars  Musayyebi (Iranian santur), and Petros Tzekos (percussion).

Coming swiftly on the heels of their previous spiritual album, “Fall and Rise,” which explored the profound themes of life and death, Tember Ensemble’s new album ‘Moers Journey’ carries forward to this artistic journey.

The album, captured in a live recording at the renowned Moers Festival, not only encapsulates the essence of Tember Ensemble’s music but also delves into the heart of Iran’s political landscape. With a deep and sincere commitment to amplifying the voices of Iranian protesters, Tember Ensemble’s improvised music became a powerful medium for the Woman Life Freedom movement. With every spontaneous note and rhythm, we hope to resonate with the call for peace in Iran, West Asia, and worldwide.

Or Sarafati

Berlin composer and visual artist Or Sarfati’s (Isreal, Berlin) art is both an intimate yet multi-sensory experience that follows the curated path of sound and visual journey. Through the scattering myst, abstract forms reveal sensations of common human experiences, rotted in distance and shades of light. Since 2015, Or has established himself as a vital voice in the developing audio-visual and new media scene in Berlin, while collaborating and producing both art and events with local artists and venues, as well as presenting new-media art around the globe (Germany, Spain, Isreal, Russia, Uzbekistan).

Or’s art originated in both classical and traditional Eastern (Arabic) and Western paradigms as mastered during his academic period while incorporating new approaches inspired by the underground experimentalism of Berlin. He’s first solo album was released in April 2021 under the One-Instrument Berlin-based label. He’s coming new A/V album is about to be released independently in December 2023.

Future me

In his new composition “Future Me” the  Audio/Visual artist Or Sarfati asks what are the manifestation of our desires and wishes after the point we realise our biggest dreams are behind us. Is the determinism of self-fulfilment destined to come true? Future me is the first step into the darkness of the unavoidable future

Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos

Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos is a guitarist and composer of contemporary acoustic and electronic music from Mexico City. He works to find new approaches to composition through pieces for acoustic and electronic ensembles, improvisation and space-dependent works, and combinations of all three. He is currently focused on exploring new compositional ideas through rhythmic and temporal explorations, algorithmic spatialization, and improvisation within performance.

Ernesto will present “Study in Temporal Counterpoint No. 1” – the first of several pieces exploring temporal dynamics as they apply to composition and improvisation. Working with electric guitar and synthesizer, the two instruments play through tempo changes relative but synchronised to each other, working within rhythmic realms, while also expanding its possibilities outside of rhythm to control timbre, dynamics, spectral content and musical expression.